Enigma Motorsport is a professional racing car team specialising in single seater preparation, rebuilds, driver coaching and race weekend support. It is run by the one and only Linton Stutely.



Having been devised more than 50 years ago, Formula Ford 1600 continues to be the ideal first step into single-seater racing as well as providing fantastic racing for amateurs. The BRSCC caters for both career minded & ‘club’ drivers by offering National, Regional and Circuit-based Championships. These have one major common theme in that they enable competitors to enjoy their racing in a very competitive but friendly environment.

BRSCC FF1600 website


Paul Taft logo 249x53 Paul is one of the most experienced racing drivers and racing driver coaches in the World. Paul provided fantastic support and driver coaching to James in his first year of racing cars, and continues to support James as he progresses. He is a great character and very supportive of James for the future


The Clubmans Register logo 174x135 The club for Clubmans prototype Sports Car racing in the UK. Clubmans are prototype front-engined sports racing cars that originated in Britain in 1965 and remain a very popular class of racing. Initiated by Nick Syrett of the British Racing and Sports Car Club (BRSCC) and organised by the Clubmans Register which represent car owners, drivers and constructors. The formulae currently races with MSVR and is a Motor Sports Association (MSA) recognised Club.

The Clubmans Register website


hscc-anniversary-logo-159x169 The HSCC is the premier organiser of Historic Motor Racing in the UK. They organise the races for the classic clubmans cars as well as racing for all the interesting historic cars, from old F1 and F2 cars to GT, saloon and sports cars.

HSCC website